Full Cream Milk


  • Full Cream Milk (Pasteurized):

Having the desired milk fat level of 5%, its significant cholesterol and calcium benefits offers every reason for the health conscious consumer to enjoy our LaVista Full Cream Milk.

Distinctively more white and a rich source of proteins, vitamin A, phosphorus in addition to iron, the pure wholesome feeling that the Full Cream Milk provides is certain to be revered by individuals overwhelmed in energetic lifestyles.

A delectably 100% pure and nutritious daily drink that results in cardiovascular health, strong bones and dental wellbeing; our LaVista Full Cream Milk is unquestionably recommended to be consumed by people of all ages.


Deliciously Creamy, No preservatives, Sealed in a special stay-fresh pack, Easy open-screw cap

Available in 1Ltr

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