Our Purpose

Serving people to achieve their ambitions of quality dairy products – in the right way.

Our Registered Office is located at House 5, Street 38, Sector F-8/1, Islamabad.

The Cheese and Dairy Factory has initiated rich, nutritious and healthy dairy products under its flagship and distinguished brand known as ‘LaVista’. Taste, healthiness, convenience, reliability and vitality for consumers are key characteristics of our LaVista brand that has recently launched Full Cream Milk (Buffalo), Whole Cream Milk (Cow) and Low Fat Milk (less than 1% fat) in Islamabad/Rawalpindi region.

We have a team of Area Sales Managers spread across the regions of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Karachi City, Upper and Central Punjab Province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and AJK for selling of our products in bulk and retail markets.

The company has also set up milk collection centers in the Northern Punjab region and an established dairy farm of its own in Mardan, KP. The objective is to promote customary high standards of quality milk and dairy products through educating the conventional dairy farmer the importance of producing, storing and transporting milk in hygienic and temperature regulated conditions.

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